The Great Hammerhead Project

Our concerns

The great hammerhead shark (Sphyrna mokarran) is probably one of the top five "iconic" sharks known to mankind. It is the largest of the hammerheads, reaching lengths of 20 feet. Recently it has been listed on the red list (as endangered) by the Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Lost food sources and overfishing (such as shark finning) are possible reasons for their decline. This is of great concern for humans, as it would be devastating to lose such a magnificent animal on earth today. 

What we don't know

Marine biologists and Ichthyologists have studied this species, resulting in data to substantiate ancestral lineage and distribution. Observation of this fish in the wild suggests marginal information on their migratory or reproductive behavior. To date , there is no data or information as to "Where they pup?" 

The plan

Dynasty Marine Assoc. and Aquarium Encounters will be donating their time, vessels, and equipment. Scientists with experience from colleges in the exercise of shark tagging will utilize satellite tags (SAT) to record data on hammerhead migration. A paper will be written outlining the methodologies, materials, time frames, and objectives. This will be presented to RAW as wel as other marine science related organizations to bring awareness and raise capital for this study. Public aquaria, television producers, and media have shown interest and support through the following: donor funds, filming the project, or reporting on the work. 

What we will be doing

Absolutely Fish will be generating funds needed to

  • Construct a website
  • Initiate a T-Shirt Sponsorship Program
  • Promote an Awareness campaign
  • Provide SAT tags